Climbing Mount Kenya

There are several routes to climb Mt. Kenya, but Sirimon Track is the most convenient from Nanyuki town. Amateurs are allowed to climb up to Lenana Point, which can be reached in 4 days. However, it can be shortened to 3 days by driving up to and from Old Moses. It is important for climbers to acclimatize in Nanyuki before undertaking the climb.

The 4 day itinerary is as follows:
  1. Day 1: Sirimon to Old Moses Camp – 3 – 4 hrs (9km), 860m ascent.
  2. Day 2: Old Moses Camp to Shipton Camp – 6 – 7hrs, (14km), 900m ascent.
  3. Day 3: Shipton Camp to Point Lenana and back to Old Moses Camp – 9 – 10hrs (21km)
  4. Day 4: Old Moses to Sirimon – 2 – 3hrs (9km)

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